St. Raphael’s Ruins

In 1970 a fire consumed the church of St. Raphael’s, one of the earliest Roman Catholic churches in English-speaking Canada. Fortunately the outer walls were spared and today its impressive scale and fine masonry work continue to attract the tourists to the site. The Ruins were declared a National Historic Site in 1999.

Visitors are welcome to tour the site. Gates are open during the day in the summer months with a curator on duty in July and August..

No charge but free will donations are gratefully accepted.


When John Ashurst, the heritage conservationist from Bournemouth University visited St. Raphael’s recently, he described the ashlar-facing masonry as “of the finest workmanship” and the edifice itself as “the best monument of its type in Canada”.

In 1970, a fire, natural in origin, consumed the church leaving only bare stone walls. The walls were later stabilized by the Ontario Heritage Foundation.

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Our Curator for Summer Months

The Friends of the Ruins of St. Raphaels hire a student for a 40 hour week during July and August, to be our curator at the Ruins site from 10a.m. to 4p.m. to welcome visitors explain the history of the ruins and handle the sale of souvenir items. We are pleased to...

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